emailing pro premium

Emailing Pro is an email software for emailing your messages and documents . Easy export capabilities You can easily export email addresses. Quick email dispatch The Emailing Pro software allows you to send several emails at the same time by taking advantage of its duplicating mailing function . Extremely personalized email delivery You can personalize 5 fields in a message either in HTML or text format. You can easily see your personalized format in the integrated HTML editor .

Emailing Pro is great for:

  • Sending promotional messages to potential clients.
  • Sending new information to your clients
  • Sending invitations
  • Invitations to new buyers in your stores.
  • Sending information on new products.
  • Keeping in touch with your clients.

You can effectively compose your messages using the software's integrated HTML editor. You can add images in the main text of your message, or import an existing message. Benefit from a professional and ergonomic solution. Immediately operational, without problems or loss of time. You are not limited to the format used for your contact base since the software can import several different types of files. Your email can still be sent even if you lose the connection because the software is able to reactivate the mailing process from the point where it had previously stopped. UNIQUE: 2 anti-spam tests can be used before sending your email. Extremely advanced management of incorrect email addresses (hard and soft bouncing). This module required several months of development and analysis with over 400,000 dispatched emails. New integrated HTML editor: give free rein to your creativity and put computer capabilities at work with your marketing strategy, not the other way around! The software is available in English, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Dutch, and Portuguese. Complete personalization: create messages that are 100% adapted to your targeted objective and benefit from a professional tracking of your messages and documents!