Qubic Business Intelligence Standard Edition

Software for business intelligence and reporting. Creating business intelligence data analytics with OLAP cubes, schemas, charts, reports, prepared reports, query builders and grids. Designing OLAP cubes connected from various datasources. Just a few seconds to build massive data structure with multidimensional columns, rows and measures. Integrated report designer, report viewer and prepared report viewer. Powerful modern editor which includes a large set of tools for visually designing and modifying report templates. Integrated query builder to build visual queries. Query builder is a complete solution to make the SQL query building process as easy as it can be!

Qubic BI is a tool for effective data analysis. Qubic BI enables you to analyze data and to build summary tables (data cutoffs) as well as to create various reports and graphs easily and instantly. It’s a handy tool for efficient analytical data arrays handling. Qubic BI is a set of OLAP components which does not require an end user to have high skills for report building . Connection to databases can be through the standard Delphi DBX database components. Instant downloading and data arrays handling. You can build ready-made templates for summary tables. There is a possibility to prohibit user’s scheme modification. You can save cubes data in a compact format for data exchange and data storage.