TestsChecker is first class OMR (Optical Mark Recognition) software for processing tests, surveys and polls. It is a recognition program for marks, checkboxes and barcodes from paper forms. Program automatically recognize data from scanned forms and record sheets. Part of the process is a basic data evaluation with the rich possibilities of export data for further evaluation. Forms can be created in a text editor and printed on a standard printer.

The program recognizes a form with very high reliability. It is for example used for certification and entrance exams. High performance allows processing of large volumes of forms in a matter of minutes. The program is able to detect on a standard PC 700 pages per minute. For creating templates, recording sheets is part of the graphical editor templates. Creating templates for recognition is so convenient and easy.Tests Checker is designed to make the best while clearly helping the user in the process of recording sheets. The user interface is implemented using modern technology for the intuitive control.The program allows you to set how many detailed assessment record sheets. Most values are preset based on our years of experience.To edit functions or special introduction you can use the built-in scripting language.