Revolutionary Forex Signals

New Way of Trading! Hundreds of signals are nonstop evaluated by genetic algorithms to provide the safest and the most profitable signals ever. Average yearly profit during last 3 years is 190% with only 5% drawdown. Signals are executed in fully automated way!

Accurate Trades - Trades are open very accurately and use the tightest Stop Losses to minimize risks as much as possible and increases probability of significant gains. Genetic Algorithms - Modern smart algorithms are nonstop monitoring and testing hundreds of signals to help us choose the best ones out of the best signals for you. Manipulation Protection - High quality data sources are used for signal evaluation to protect capital against changes made by brokers to get advantage over traders. Macro News Detection - Capital protection against unpredictable impact of macroeconomic news. The impact of macro news is evaluated individually. Sofisticated Money Management - Many factors like capital amount, purity of signal, willingness to risk and break-evens are taken into consideration in order to increase profits.