MegaOCR - Ultimate Package

MegaOCR is a Captcha Solving Service. The OCR part in the name means Optical Character Recognition, which means that all images are computer scanned and then decoded by an algorithm. Basically, it is like decapther, but without the use of any humans. Compared to other Captcha Solving Services, MegaOCR does not charge per captcha. The MegaOCR service allows you to solve as many captchas as you need within the allowed threads, which will save you a lot of money. On top of that, MegaOCR also supports the widest range of captcha platforms, which will increase your average success rate by 35%.  It's very simple, you sign up, you buy your desired package, and then you download the client. For more information on how to use the client, please visit the manual page once you are logged into the member area.

MegaOCR - Ultimate Package 40 Threads