Soft4Boost Video to Device

Soft4Boost Video to Device is a reliable wizard-styled video converter. Convert easily your favorite video for any portable device. Soft4Boost Video to Device will do all the conversion job for you with just several mouse clicks.

Soft4Boost Video to Device is a wizard-styled application and a powerful tool, which allows the user to convert DVDs or video files and save them in MPEG-4 format to watch them later on different types of devices: DVD/MPEG-4 player (with DivX/Xvid support), Sony PSP device, Sony PlayStation 3 gaming console, Microsoft Xbox gaming console, Microsoft Zune player, Windows Mobile devices, BlackBerry devices, Apple devices, Archos, Epson Multimedia Storage Viewers, Portable Media Player (PMP), Android, iRiver, Personal Computer and GSM or CDMA mobile phone capable of playing video files. You don't need to be an expert to create your own video files: just follow our four easy step and Soft4Boost Video to Device will do everything for you - choose output file parameters, convert video files and even show it for you to estimate the quality of the output file. At the same time if you are an expert in home video you might want to change the output file and codec settings in custom mode or even convert a part of a movie to make sure all the settings are correct for the best quality.