Classic Doxplore - DMS

Classic Doxplore - DMS is a Windows based document management software. With the power of computers, it should be easy to find information quickly. But as our computers have grown more powerful, the volume of information we manage has increased exponentially, and it seems like an uphill battle to find any specific file, document, or image. Classic Doxplore - DMS is the solution. Classic Doxplore - DMS is a structured digital document storage utility that lets you easily manage all of your electronic documents. With Classic Doxplore, - DMS you can create and apply custom classifications to documents that enable you to categorize content based on the way that you work. And when it’s time to find something specific, you can search through documents by content, filename, or classification. As amazing as Classic Doxplore sounds, it gets even better! You can even use Classic Doxplore to make images searchable, by assigning multiple properties to them that transform them into searchable assets. Please note folks, in addition to English, the Classic Doxplore user interface is localised for French, Spanish and Dutch.