junaio Plugin v.4.5 (iOS & Android) - Commercial Deployment License

The easy way to integrate AR into your existing app junaio Plugin lets 3rd party application display junaio channels. Based on the technology of the world’s most advanced Augmented Reality browser, junaio, the Plugin is the entry-level tool for custom mobile AR experiences. Development of your AR scenario is easy: • Develop your AR contents & scenarios by setting up a channel in junaio. For this you need to setup a free developer account at  dev.junaio.com . You can test and demo your AR-content at any time using the junaio AR browser without having to pay any licensing fees! • To make your content in your own app you need to implement the junaio plugin into your app which will run YOUR channel within YOUR app. In order to run the plugin you need to have a valid license. The Commercial Deployment License is time limited for 12 months from deployment date. The application name needs to be submitted after purchasing the license. Junaio Plugin is only available for iOS and Android. The date of deployment will automatically be determined by the first day of activation of the plugin license. In this license package the usage is limited to 250,000 requests per year, 10,000 requests per day and 500 requests per minute. The Junaio Plugin is using the Junaio API so content will also appear automatically on the junaio app. Furthermore the licensee agrees to include the following text/visual within the application or within the app-store description of the application visible to users: ‘powered by junaio’. By downloading the Junaio Plugin you agree to the junaio usage terms on "junaio licensing terms" .