S-Ultra Bulk EMailer

S-Ultra Bulk Emailer is the email sending software that you have been looking for. It has a very large capacity, so you can just use it as your regular email sender or you can even use it to send bulk email for marketing. Features:

  • Send email in bulk
  • Support multiple senders
  • Support MX-Lookup, so that you can send email without any sender account **
  • Support SSL and non SSL SMTP server
  • Ability to set maximum email sent from each sender
  • Support multiple recipients
  • Support private and public proxy (HTTP)
  • Ability to set maximum email sent from each proxy address
  • Support multiple attachments
  • Supports both plain text and HTML email
  • For HTML email, it supports eml, mht and html format
  • Support alternative plain text, in case recipient email server doesn¡¦t support html email.
  • Profile feature, so you can save multiple settings (sender, recipient, attachment) for your individual needs
  • Pause feature, so you can set time to pause before sending each email
  • Multithreading support
  • and much more..