Retrospect Professional app 5 desktop/laptop clients Upgrade, WIN 8

Retrospect Professional UPP WINRetrospect 8 backup and recovery software for Windows provides medical offices, law firms, banks, auto repair shops, restaurants, departments in large corporations, universities, government offices and so many others with the peace of mind knowing that their digital assets are safe. Retrospect is Easy and Automatic, Powerful and Flexible, Reliable and Secure :

  • Builds a complete and reliable backup strategy in minute
  • Auto-detects new, or previously off-line computers and prioritizes their backup
  • Saves time and drive space with incremental backups and file-level deduplication
  • Maximizes disk space by automatically grooming outdated files from the backup disk
  • Offers added protection from viruses and corruption with "Live Restores," which quickly returns a running computer to a previous state 
  • Works flawlessly in a mixed Windows/Mac environment without adding cost
  • Protects virtual environments, including agent-less restore to Windows VM hosted on VMware, making it easier and faster to recover your data. Learn more about the add-on!
  • Supports multiple backup media types including disk, NAS, WebDAV cloud storage, tape drives, libraries, and flash
  • Performs versatile backups and restores with up to 16 simultaneous executable operations
  • Delivers perfect point-in-time restores every time, from individual files to entire volumes
  • Protects backups and ensures secure data transmission with multiple levels of U.S. Government-certified encryption
  • Verifies that data is fully backed up and fully restorable
  • Maintains multiple, independent Backup Sets for added reliability
  • Safeguards open files, working databases and other running applications, making them available for restore up to the moment that they were backed up