PD Artist - digital painting for everyone

PD Artist is an entry-level digital drawing and paint software program for PC running most versions of Windows, powered by Project Dogwaffle. The current version is based on a subset of PD Pro 3 (at the stage of v3.2 with a bunch of features removed to make it simpler and easier to download). Here's an example of nature painting in a timelapse replay: http://thebest3d.com/pda/naturePaintingWithPDArtst-1.htm It's a great companion to your existing other, popular paint shop or photo editing tools and image editors, free image viewers, and of course also for 3D tools. It is also an excellent way to try something new without going broke: For just about the cost of a good meal, you can get and try PD Artist. Is this your very first real digital painting program? If you like it, you might later want to move up to PD Pro 3.5 or 4 and beyond.