Enterprise Edition annual user license - On Sale Limited Time

The Salesboom Enterprise Edition comes with all of the industry-leading features you’ve come to enjoy in the Professional Edition and our other CRM Software programs, but with even more perks. You get a complete product database to maintain an overview of all the products and services you offer, which links in to the best web based Inventory Management software system on the market. The Enterprise Edition also opens the doors wide open with a new and improved Customer Billing management & Invoice management module, giving you the power to completely automate your billing cycles, with invoices, sales quote management and more. You can also take advantage of the robust customer self-service portal, decreasing support times and overhead, while increasing customer satisfaction by giving them an outlet to check on support cases manually without waiting through telephone queues. Salesboom’s Enterprise Edition is more than just an on demand hosted business software package. We’re the first and only on demand CRM provider to integrate Customer Lifecycle Management (CLM) metrics into our CRM services, giving you a completely accurate, real time look into how your customer lifecycles work. From length of relationship, profitability, total cost of acquisition per customer and more, Salesboom’s CLM features remain the most meticulously crafted and thought out addition to on demand hosted CRM software ever.