Tuxler Web Licence For 1 User - 1 Month Access

Tuxler is a free global online privacy solution. It helps you share your connection location safely, surf the web locally without being local, access any blocked content on the Internet, encrypt your datas, and protect your privacy. This solution is built around a proxy network with thousands of different locations available. Users find it very easy to surf the web without borders. At any time tuxler have hundreds of connection locations available.  Tuxler reduced the process of changing location to a “one click” process, making it able to be used by anybody. Basically, you chose the destination where you want to access the Internet from, and a couple of seconds after, you’re already locally browsing the web while staying home behind your computer. Many major corporations and web specialists end up using Tuxler as a business solution, although it’s primary target is the general public. It offers a truly innovative solution for online publishers, marketers, brands and professionals to browse Web content the way it is locally without being local.