Logix Employee Monitor

Are you getting the productiveness that you expect from your employees? Are you sure that you are not paying for more work than you are actually getting? Logix Employee Monitor is a professional productivity application designed for in-depth monitoring of your employees. For companies, waste comes in many forms. Waste time is one form that commonly occurs with employees. However, Logix Employee Monitor can ensure that they are using their time effectively on company time. It provides you with captured screenshots ,during specified intervals, of your employee’s daily routine, as well as keystrokes to enable you to detect any potential problems before they get out of hand. Generated HTML reports can easily be accessed and sent using your email or FTP. Logix Employee Monitor is a sure and efficient way to increase you company’s work efficiency and thereby save vast amounts of money that can be used to further improve other aspects of your business. The best part about this program is that it is very simple to install and what is more important, even easier to use. Due to its simple interface and unique architecture it will help the user use it without the need for long and complicated training.