PC Booster.

If you are like most PC users, you may feel that your PC is slow or unstable. You can't run many applications or your PC will slowdown. Or you have to reboot frequently due to crashes or application freezes.
This page contains all the secrets to making your computer fast and stable in minutes! No computer industry insider would want you to know this, as they will have a hard time trying to persuade you to upgrade your system to the next Windows Software or expensive hardware upgrade. You can turn your PC into a stable, productive and speedy machine, by simply clicking a few buttons. If you can can surf to this website, you can easily tune up your PC in Minutes - and without being a PC expert! PC Booster contains all the secrets to speeding up and optimizing your PC, without spending more money on additional hardware. It turbo-charges your PC to make it much more stable by preventing system inefficiencies that cause crashes, lockups and slowdowns of your computer. By running PC Booster's Auto Tune, you'll be left with a faster and more responsive system that is less prone to crashes and fatal error messages. So you have no more troubles running important programs or memory consuming multimedia or Internet applications.
Here's Exactly What PC Booster can Do For You 
* Fully automatic tune up of your PC with just a few mouse clicks. * Eliminate and Prevent most PC crashes by optimizing resource usage.* Auto recovery of Memory that Windows steals from your computer.* Boost and optimize your Internet speed for faster surfing.* Clean hundreds of unwanted garbage files from your hard disk.    * Protect your privacy by deleting up 'cookies' which are IDs left over from your Internet surfing.* Make your CD-ROM run at a faster speed. Enhance your enjoyment of multimedia, VCDs, DVDs and game play.* Add/remove Windows Start Menu Options. Customize your default 'My Documents' folder, remove 'Favorites', 'Windows Update' options and more customizations.* Enable Fast Shutdown and auto close of non-responding applications.* Real time memory usage monitoring graph.* CPU Stability Test to make sure that your system is stable.* Fully configurable for power users.* Extensive documentation and instant context help.