Zahra Guard

The introduction of software and Its features at a glance: This software is capable to connect to the video sources (such as Webcam) which are detected by the operating system and Its related driver installed on the system, and Process the received images in specified time periods which is determined by user. And also if there were any discrepancies in received images in specific time periods , The software will offer various alerts. In this software 4 types of alerts are embedded which we mention them in the following order: Video recording : If you want to use the video recording you should specify the method of recording that these methods are as follows: Start recording the received videos in a specified time and date: In this case ,you should enter the exact date and time,( that you want the software to start video recording regardless of moving) ,in the boxes that has been specified in the program, and the program start capturing the images at the same time. Start recording the received video if any motion occurs: In this case,if the program detect any motion occurrence ,it will start video recording.It is necessary to say that Video recording time will get from the user in a specific box. Also this program Stores video files with AVI format in a path that the user routes, meanwhile the number of frames per second or FPS can be adjusted by the user so that it can be a value between 1 to 30. The user can also adjust the size of the frames. Image capturing: This program can capture images after motion occurrence at specified time intervals , with options to determine the number and quality of captured images. Dialing: This program has the ability of dialing and you can give a list of phone numbers (that you want to call them when any motion occurs ) to the software , and the program after detecting any motion ,will dial the phone numbers. Also you can give a file with WAV format or a text to the software to play it as responder after Communication .But this feature depends on the modem of device. Playing audio file: By using this feature, you can route an audio file with WAV format to the software , and the software once detect any motion will attempt to play the file. The file could be a message or alarm. Running a program : By using this feature, you can route An executable file to the software, and the software once detect any motion will attempt to run the program. Hiding the software: By using this feature, once detect any motion, you can turn off monitor or hide the software till the user does not recognize the program activation. This software has other features that we mention them in the following: You can see the received images from the video source remotely, by using client software and web based monitoring, through IP address. You can specify a username and password for that to avoid the accessing of unauthorized persons to the received images. You can also determine the resolution of received images and their update time but The update time is depends heavily on network speed. Another feature of this software is that your commands can be sent via a phone to the software to do them. You can also rotate the camera as local and remote by using a device. Read More You can download the trial version from download menu and test it to ensure proper functioning of the software on your operating system. For example Tele Remote Connection and Make a call don't work properly in windows 7   Disclaimer: Rotator device is not providing when you purchase the software.