Vitainterface 2014

Vitainterface 2014 - «smart» interface for ultimate private data protection! Nobody can see, copy or delete your private data anymore! The new generation of software has arrived and has already become a trend. An all-in-one solution which resembles smartphone for you computer. Now you won't require dozens of junk apps which clog up and slow down your PC. All you need is Vitainterface 2014 - «smart» and secure interface for Windows with built-in features like: Superfast and secure web-browser; Easy to use, intuitive file manager; Media player with almost any streaming media format support; Integrated social networks (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest etc) Security features that offer 9 levels of protection for you private data, both - online and offline; Integrated popular services and software like Amazon, Skype, eBay, Google products and more.