Soft4Boost Disc Cover Studio

Soft4Boost Disc Cover Studio is the easiest way to create cool disc labels, covers and booklets. Create covers for various disc types: CD, DVD, VCD, etc. Make colorful layouts, select pre-made templates. Add texts, change color and font, size, make a round text.

Soft4Boost Disc Cover Studio is a compact and fully functional application that lets the user create different labels for optical discs and box covers, edit them and print or save into graphical files. You can use Disc Cover Studio together with all the other Soft4Boost products or as a separate application.  Using Disc Cover Studio you can quickly and easily perform the following tasks: - create labels for your recorded CDs, DVDs and Blu-ray discs; - create front and back covers for different types of disc boxes; - various presets and templates are available if you do not want to spend your time drawing; - print your created labels and covers using a dozen of disc layouts; - save your created labels and covers into an image file if you do not have a possibility to print them right now. The program does not require any specific knowledge but at the same time has extended editing capabilities that will let you create labels and covers to your taste and needs. Using Soft4Boost Disc Cover Studio you can add a touch of individuality to your optical discs collection and label them so that you could find the necessary discs faster.