RadarSync PC Updater 2012

Your computer will work better, faster and longer with RadarSync PC Updater 2012! PC Updater identifies, finds, downloads, and installs driver updates for your system, preventing computer problems such as crashes, security holes and bugs, components and peripherals that don't work properly, and a s-l-o-w computer. Using PC Updater takes the guess work out of updating essential files, making it safer and easier to keep your computer properly updated. In addition to fully and correctly updating your device drivers, PC Updater will create a backup of your drivers for you before you update, and helps you easily restore the originals if you're not happy with the update. Convenient features such as auto-update scheduling, email alerts when you have new drivers waiting, andmulti-lingual support for 15 languages make PC Updater the perfect choice for maintaining your PC drivers.