PersiCup Free gift version 110

PersiCup is a Windows Base platform Game ,it could be run on any Windows version . The Game rules and interface functions are pretty simple The only things you should care is to keep tracing on the map and adjust your power and direction of the ball to shoot and score the goals .there are two counters on the top left screen ,the first counter measure the time and the second counter indicate the number of Goals you have scored .when you reach to the end of the game you can submit your result to our website to be qualified for the prize .the prizes are for only the TOP 3 Winners.Our prize at the moment is an i-phone copy or a copy of Android Mobile phone(made in China).the player who could score more goals in less possible seconds will win the prize.We in game stars trying to respond your expectations and wish you a good luck in this tournament. Please frequently visit our website for updating the news and prizes.