Simple Shop

Simple Shop is a powerful and effective point of sale system that can handle every aspect of business management. It offers a variety of features including the adoption of RFID cards, universal support on any POS machine and a multi-language option. Simple Shop is the best choice for businesses in need of an easy to use POS system to manage the day to day backend of their company. Simple Shop point of sale system is designed to benefit every type of business, no matter what the size. By using this system to manage staff scheduling, hours, invoices and processing orders business owners will save time and money. Without the right kind of POS system, a business will be losing money and decreasing future earnings.

Simple Shop is organized, easy to navigate and simple to operate which means that no business owner needs to be computer savvy to benefit from this POS program. Benefits of Simple Shop Simple Shop is a POS system designed to benefit businesses on every level. With this program you will enjoy a variety of benefits which include: Single Entry of Invoices. Instead of operating two different program for your retail store and online ordering, you can use Simple Shop as your all-in-one business management solution. Purchase Order Management .  Instead of spending hours on the phone placing orders to restock your supplies, Simple Shop will calculate what you need so that you can simply email vendors with your order. Monitoring of Sales Trends. Understanding the trends of your particular business will help you increase sales and profits. With Simple Shop you can monitor the various shopping trends of your consumers and find out exactly when the best time to offer specials to help boost sales is. Shopping Cart Management. eCommerce shopping carts can be difficult to manage and integrate into a POS system.

Simple Shop offers the option to integrate the leading shopping carts into the system with the click of a button. Supported shopping carts are CubeCart, osCommerce and VirtueMart. Windows Compatible. Forget about trying to navigate the POS system on another computer, Simple Shop is Windows compatible to make it a versatile program. Universal Use of POS Printers . If you already have a POS printer in place, you only need to install the Simple Shop software on your computer to get started. It is designed to work with any system already in place. Improve Customer Relations. An organized business is a successful business. Simple Shop will help you stay organized which saves time for both you and your employees. This means that customers will be happier with your staff and ultimately, happier with your business. License Options and Other details Simple Shop features a Normal License that has no time limit on use and a variety of added possibilities which include: RFID License with no time limit Custom License Text with no time limit Lease or Rental with a time limit Access Control Exchange rate Media Player Diagram Faxing E-mailer Email tools Password generator Encryptor Free add-ons included: E-mailer (free bulk mass sending emails - free & easy to use emailing software marketing blaster) YouTube promotial video: Encryptor YouTube promotial video: Diagram (writting, creating, free software) YouTube promotial video: and others..