DEVONthink Pro Office

Document management reinvented. DEVONthink Pro Office is your paperless office. It saves your documents helps you to organize them, and shows you exactly what you need just for your work. Keep your data together. Make your paper documents searchable .Archive all correspondence together. Artificial Intelligence can help you in the ordering. Make use of your data with others. Self-Organization made easy!DEVONthink lifts your precious data, organizes it and presents it to your liking. Become more productive. Do not fight alone against the flood of information. DEVONthink is clever and support active with its artificial intelligence. Your data, no limits. Wherever your data come from and whatever you want to do with it, DEVONthink provides the best tools and many metadata as possible.Keep everything in sync. Use DEVONthink on all your Macs and synchronize your databases on a button. Do you work effortlessly with your team on the same data.The Pro Advantage. DEVONthink can grow with your needs. DEVONthink Pro and Pro Office support your personal work style with many advanced features.

DEVONthink Pro Office works with all scanners that are compatible with the "Image Capture", and uses the technique of ABBYY FineReader to make the scans searchable. DEVONthink Pro Office even integrates your favorite chat programs. DEVONthink Pro Office retains all messages transparently in their original format.Port forwarding makes your databases from anywhere in the world accessible. Password protection keeps out prying eyes.