Auslogics File Recovery

An effective and simple to use program that will recover accidentally deleted files, or those files deleted by virus attacks and software faults. Use it to restore a file back into the same directory it was deleted from or onto any accessible disk on your computer. Auslogics File Recovery will save you from panic! Don't let months or years of your work disappear with accidentally deleted documents, pictures and other important files. Use this program to restore deleted files or files damaged by application programs, spyware or computer viruses. Often we delete a file, then clear the Recycle Bin, and the file is lost. A virus or spyware might have deleted some files on your disk. Software programs sometimes crash during a transaction with a file and this can accidentally delete your files. This is where File Recovery comes to the rescue. Run File Recovery and recover these lost files. You can restore documents, music, photos, software programs and any other files with File Recovery. You can also restore files damaged by viruses or spyware.