Magic-Champ II PRO

An absolutely unique MetaTrader Expert-Advisor with a Live-Trading Track-Record on REAL-Money-Accounts on which the system runs non-stop since over 2 years.
On basis of the profitable track record and far more than 1.000 trades on real money accounts in over two years we were able to significantly enhance this highly profitable Expert-Advisor.
The newest version is much less susceptible to drawdowns and on the other hand provides an even higher winning percentage. Besides the real live trades from over 2 years we used only real tick data data to further development the system. Out of different datasets we also used the tick data from Dukascopy. Our backtests are therefore all with 99% data quality, because they are calculated only on real tick data.
  • Price: 329.00 USD
  • Merchant: ForexInnovation GmbH
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