metaio SDK v.4.0 *10% Halloween Discount* - Custom Branding Option Pro - Incl. markerless 3D object tracking

*** 10% off the regular sales price between October 31st to November 6th - Happy Halloween *** The leading Augmented Reality Toolkit for Developers - Including 3D Markerless Tracking The metaio SDK is the best solution for you to create thrilling Augmented Reality applications both suitable for iPhone, Android and PC. The purchase of this license option (CBO Pro) will allow you to publish an unlimited number of applications while removing the metaio watermark from the main screen of your application. The license is valid for activating all of the features of the metaio SDK version to which it is applied. The metaio SDK is the ultimate solution to build your AR Apps upon a comprehensive and robust API. Don’t forget that metaio SDK: • Is the leading AR SDK on the market • Supports iOS & Android and the PC (Windows) • Has built-in 3D Renderer • Offers Unity Plugin (iOS & Android only) • Brings many advanced AR features * This licence includes markerless 3D object tracking. * By buying the custom branding option you accept the SDK License Agreement .