Product Key Viewer for Microsoft Office Products

Locate your Microsoft Office XP, Office 2003, Office 2007, Visual Studio and more office products product activation key (CD Key) instantly! View your Microsoft Office or Studio Product product activation key code. (CD Key) If you need to reinstall your Microsoft Office or Studio Product or other Microsoft products, you will need to have the product activation key (cd key). If you do not have the key, then you will need to purchase another license, which is very expensive. We highly suggest that you download our free trial and test it on your Microsoft Office or Studio Product installation before purchasing. NOTE: This does not work with Office 2000 products. Resolution: This program will reveal your office key code for the Microsoft Office or Studio Product you have installed and activated on your computer. This will also work for most Microsoft product installations. Unlike other poorly designed clone software, our office key code viewer searches many types of office installations and reports the results back. This program will not generate illegal codes and will only work on systems that are operational, activated, and functional. The program has been designed to be flexible enough to work even if your Microsoft Office or Studio Product has been damaged in some cases. As you can in the graphic below, the program can reveal a descriptive name for your office version, a product ID or a partial product ID.