Sharkstrader Vito

Sharks trader Vito - the most important discovery ever made about market, was first revealed in 2006. The discovery is the early recognition of the market trend coupled with the ability to set optimal Returns that escort the trader toward ultimate profit. Shark vito reveals the fundamental principle of the market move. Sharks Vito 3.0 is a proprietary trading software package. sharks trader Vito 3.0 provides buy/sell signals with back testing reports. Intelligent exit rules and the No Trade Zone (NTZ) filter are built-in as options to enhance its performance. The system has the ability to automatically select parameters to achieve the best profits, real time signal accuracy is very important . Auto Order Execution (AOE) is available for direct electronic order entries. Money Management (MM) is also built-in to compound the trading account. Sharks trader Vito 3.0 is the result of our continuing research and development efforts focused on profitability and simplicity. It profoundly improves trading methods in the Internet age.