Anti Keylogger Keystroke Interference

Prevent malware from stealing your personal information! Statistics state that 76% of online fraud in 2008 occurred due to some form of keystroke logging. Keystroke logging software captures all keystrokes a user types; this includes, but is not limited to, URLS, user ID’s, and passwords. It is estimated that 92% of users with keystroke logging software on their computer are unaware of its existence. The software can be hidden in an attachment, video link, or URL and therefore can easily be unnoticed as it installs itself onto the system. Norton, Mcafee, and other malware identifiers cannot detect all types of keystroke logging. Network Intercept’s Keystroke Interference interjects random characters into all keystroke logging software to render any captured information undecipherable and useless. Whether the malicious keystroke logging software has been detected or not, any attempts to steal a user’s personal information will be blocked. Keystroke Interference runs in the background and will not slow down a user’s machine in any way. This product is currently available for Windows XP and Vista. It is available as a working beta on Windows 7 and 8.