Here you can learn about T3Desk product versions. 

Tehnif Software reserves the right to alter product and services offerings, and specifications and pricing at any time without notice.

  • T3Desk product has two versions: T3Desk Standard and T3Desk Pro.
  • T3Desk Standard and Pro versions comes in the same software installation kit.
  • Download and install the latest release of T3Desk and work with it before purchasing.
  • There are no differences in functionality between T3Desk Standard and Pro versions. 
  • When you install T3Desk it will run as a Standard - free version.
  • After registration and authorization process, T3Desk will run as a Pro version.

T3Desk Standard
Price: $0.00
License Type: Temporary*

T3Desk Standard it's a FREE product and will always remain free. 'FREE'  in the preceding sentence means that there is no cost or charge associated with the use of T3Desk Standard version.

* The temporary license will expire when the major version become outdated. In order to continue to use T3desk after expiration date, the user have to install the new available version of T3Desk Standard or to upgrade to the Pro version.

T3Desk Pro
Price: $29.95
License Type: Permanent*

T3Desk Pro users are registered in our database and enjoy the benefits of technical support together with our special attention regarding the requests for future development of the product.

* The permanent license will never expire and the user can use it for as long as desired. The software development team provide service packs, technical support and new authorization codes for a period of two years after purchasing date.