T3Desk 2010 Pro users are SPECIAL.

Due to our company policy regarding the customers, all the users who bought our first version - T3Desk 2010 Pro ($29.95) -, has been recorded in our database as SPECIAL.

Why are they SPECIAL?

They are special because by purchasing our first version they gived us the necessary resources and motivation to continue to develop T3Desk. T3Desk 2 would not have been possible without their involvement.

Are there any benefits for the SPECIAL users?

Yes. The SPECIAL T3Desk Pro users enjoy the following benefits:

  • Free upgrades for any (actual or future) version of T3Desk Pro.
  • The right to install T3Desk Pro on all the computers they use.

So, if you are on the list of our SPECIAL users, you never have to pay for T3Desk Pro. Just send us your serial number and we'll send your authorization code for any version, together with our gratitude. Thank you!