FREE T3Desk Pro. Clarifications.

We have a promotional campaign between 10th and 30th of May 2012. With this campaign, every user of T3Desk Standard version can obtain a license of 2010 Pro and the update to 2012 Pro, as a free bonus.

We have to explain our campaign because some users understand it wrong.

1. During last two years we had T3Desk users asking questions, sending suggestions, bug reports and thoughts. Some of them purchased T3Desk 2010 Pro ($29.95) to encourage us to go forward. Some of them, specially the young people, couldn't effort the price, but still want the T3Desk Pro. All of them created value for us. We build the 2012 version based on their suggestions. So, that's why we want to give them the chance to have 2012 Pro for free, because they helped us to make it.

2. We give the authorization code only to the people who want it. We do not contact people without their consent. Before sending you the code, we ask you if you want the Pro version and the free update. We never contact you to give you the code, if you do not create a free standard website account, with your hand.

3. We want to let the people know that we have created a new software community. So, instead of sending us your thoughts by email or by contact form, you can use the community features now. This way we can learn from each other.