News about T3Desk 2012

T3Desk 2012 it is still under development. We hope to have a public beta in few days and the release version in December.

As we promised to our users we keep our focus to complete T3Desk with powerful, flexible and easy-to-use tools, in order to help you to stay organized, work well, keep and share ideas, be more productive and achieve better results for day-by-day business and personal activities.

We decide to publish updates about what's coming in T3Desk 2012. Stay tuned!


UPDATE 1: Introducing Apps Module

The new T3Desk 2012 Apps module helps the users to organize and quick access the most used applications, shortcuts, files and folders.

Key Features: 

  • Includes 12 Apps pages (tabs), selected by mouse or (F1 to F12) hot keys
  • Each tab includes 12 Sections, selected by mouse or (1 to =) hot keys
  • Each section includes 36 Tiles, accessed by mouse or (Q to ?) hot keys
  • Reorder or move Tabs, Sections and Tile by drag-and-drop
  • Modify Tabs, Sections and Tiles Properties (name, target, run properties)
  • Create Tiles by drag-and-drop from Windows shell (shortcuts, files, folders) 
  • Very fast and responsive window (including during resize)
  • Small memory used (it keeps everything in a fast database)
  • Beautiful icons and graphics

Apps Features by T3Desk 2012 versions:

  • T3Desk 2012 Standard (free): 1 Tab, 1 Section, 36 Tiles. Total 36 Functional Tiles
  • T3Desk 2012 PRO - 12 Tabs, 12 Sections, 36 Tiles. Total Functional 5184 Tiles.
  • T3Desk 2012 Standard is FREE!
  • T3Desk 2012 PRO is FREE for T3Desk 2010 PRO users.
  • T3Desk 2010 PRO is $29.95 (buy here) and you also can get it as a bonus.

Stay tuned! More updates to come ...


Comments and questions are welcome!