Introducing T3Desk 2015

We are very proud to announce the release of the new version of T3Desk 2015.  Before talking about what's new in T3Desk 2015, we'll like to say a big THANK YOU! to our T3Desk 2014 Pro users. Their contribution made possible the development of the new version T3Desk 2015, and also the development of the new website. The update to T3Desk 2015 Pro is free of charge for T3Desk 2014 Pro users.

T3Desk 2015 Key features:

  • General improvement of stability.
  • Few small bugs fixed and small improvements.
  • Code optimized, prepared and adapted for new modules.
  • No limitations for Standard, free version.
  • No information dialog at startup.
  • No online page loaded at startup.

We'll add more information about the new T3Desk here, in this journal.

T3Desk 2014 Release

Tehnif Software -, today announced the release of T3Desk 2014 product.

T3Desk 2014 has now 3 versions - Standard, Pro and Pro+ (see details here ...).
T3Desk 2014 fixed some reported bugs and adds some new features.

One of the most important thing about T3Desk 2014 is that the transition of the code 
from a free compiler to Visual Studio Professional 2012 is almost done. This is a very 
important step for us on our way to add new modules and features during 2014.

Apps module have a new command to give the users the possibility to move the apps items 
from Windows Desktop to T3Desk Apps folder, in order to keep the Windows Desktop clean. 

The Windows module can now be used to SWITCH the windows by arrow keys. Left and Right
keys can be used to select the window and Up and Down keys to make the window active.

The 3D Desktop module has few bugs fixed and has no limitation in Standard FREE version.

  • T3Desk implements a 3D Desktop Module, among other powerful, flexible and easy-to-use features and tools, that ensure your seamless desktop and online experience. 
  • The Apps Manager module lets you organize and quickly access your shortcuts to applications, websites, folders and files. You can create and organize your shortcuts to applications by drag-and-drop. 
  • The Windows Manager module lets you monitor your (live) windows and quickly switch to different window. You can zoom and pan around while the content of the windows is updated in real time.. 

The users of T3Desk 2010 Pro and T3Desk 2 (2013) Pro are invited to send us the serial number (application key) and update their version to 2014 Pro for free.

T3Desk application is available for download at

T3Desk 2010 Pro users are SPECIAL.

Due to our company policy regarding the customers, all the users who bought our first version - T3Desk 2010 Pro ($29.95) -, has been recorded in our database as SPECIAL.

Why are they SPECIAL?

They are special because by purchasing our first version they gived us the necessary resources and motivation to continue to develop T3Desk. T3Desk 2 would not have been possible without their involvement.

Are there any benefits for the SPECIAL users?

Yes. The SPECIAL T3Desk Pro users enjoy the following benefits:

  • Free upgrades for any (actual or future) version of T3Desk Pro.
  • The right to install T3Desk Pro on all the computers they use.

So, if you are on the list of our SPECIAL users, you never have to pay for T3Desk Pro. Just send us your serial number and we'll send your authorization code for any version, together with our gratitude. Thank you!

T3Desk 2 (Build 13.02). Problems creating the Apps module database?

Windows 7 has implemented addition security mechanism to prevent accidental or intentional file or folder modification by not allowing users other then owner of file or folder to access it.

Due to this, and depending of your Windows 7 settings, the T3Desk Apps module fails sometimes to create and modify the necessary database in T3Desk installation folder. This is not happens on Windows XP.

While we are working to fix this in the upcoming minor version (by moving the Apps module database to Libraries / Documents location), there is a workaround to fix this issue by settings. You can find the step by step information here in this article ... We hope to have this issue fixed as soon as possible for our users.

This problem is now fixed in T3Desk 2 - Build 13.03.

T3Desk 2. Update from 13.01 to 13.02 now available.

A new build (13.02) of T3Desk 2 is now available.

What's new and fixed in 13.02:

  • Fixes the bug regarding the 3D Window transparency.
  • Has three new commands in Windows module toolbar.
  • 3D Windows module: removes the limitation of maximum five 3D Windows in Standard version.
  • Apps module: 36 tiles (1st tab/1st section) are now active for RUN in Standard version.
  • Windows module: 4 windows are now active for window SWITCH in Standard version.

New T3Desk. 2012 renamed to 2.

The year 2012 is gone and the new version is not ready yet, due to our lack of power regarding the development and resources. We decide to rename the new version to "T3Desk 2". We do our best to have T3Desk 2 released ASAP. All updates from previous release to T3Desk 2 Pro remain free of charge. Thank you for your understanding!

News about T3Desk 2012

T3Desk 2012 it is still under development. We hope to have a public beta in few days and the release version in December.

As we promised to our users we keep our focus to complete T3Desk with powerful, flexible and easy-to-use tools, in order to help you to stay organized, work well, keep and share ideas, be more productive and achieve better results for day-by-day business and personal activities.

We decide to publish updates about what's coming in T3Desk 2012. Stay tuned!


UPDATE 1: Introducing Apps Module

The new T3Desk 2012 Apps module helps the users to organize and quick access the most used applications, shortcuts, files and folders.

Key Features: 

  • Includes 12 Apps pages (tabs), selected by mouse or (F1 to F12) hot keys
  • Each tab includes 12 Sections, selected by mouse or (1 to =) hot keys
  • Each section includes 36 Tiles, accessed by mouse or (Q to ?) hot keys
  • Reorder or move Tabs, Sections and Tile by drag-and-drop
  • Modify Tabs, Sections and Tiles Properties (name, target, run properties)
  • Create Tiles by drag-and-drop from Windows shell (shortcuts, files, folders) 
  • Very fast and responsive window (including during resize)
  • Small memory used (it keeps everything in a fast database)
  • Beautiful icons and graphics

Apps Features by T3Desk 2012 versions:

  • T3Desk 2012 Standard (free): 1 Tab, 1 Section, 36 Tiles. Total 36 Functional Tiles
  • T3Desk 2012 PRO - 12 Tabs, 12 Sections, 36 Tiles. Total Functional 5184 Tiles.
  • T3Desk 2012 Standard is FREE!
  • T3Desk 2012 PRO is FREE for T3Desk 2010 PRO users.
  • T3Desk 2010 PRO is $29.95 (buy here) and you also can get it as a bonus.

Stay tuned! More updates to come ...


Comments and questions are welcome!

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