Chapter 1


  • T3Desk is a professional-class application that keeps you organized, makes you more productive and improves the way you work with Windows and the Web.
  • T3Desk implements a 3D Desktop, among other powerful, flexible and easy-to-use features and tools, that ensure your seamless desktop and online experience.
  • T3Desk is built to work on Windows XP/VISTA/Windows7.
  • T3Desk require GDI+ and Visual C++ runtime components to be installed. All mentioned components are already installed on your computer or free to install from Microsoft Web site.

Launching the application

  • To launch the application you have to run the T3Desk.exe file.
  • When T3Desk is running, the T3Desk Main Window (this window) is displayed, and the application system tray icon is visible.
  • If you close the T3Desk Main Window, the application is still running and minimized as system tray icon in Windows taskbar.
  • To automatically start T3Desk application when Windows (computer) starts, you have to turn ON this option in Options [General] page.


General options

To use the general options you have to open the Options [General] page.

  • [Start T3Desk minimized into the system tray icon] The application will start as an icon into the system tray, if this option is turned ON.
  • [Automatically start T3Desk when Windows (computer) starts] The application will start automatically, if this option is turned ON.
  • [Automatically check for updates when T3Desk starts] The application will check if new version is available, if this option is turned ON.


To display the application menu you have to right click the T3Desk system tray icon from Windows taskbar.

The application menu commands:

  • [Start] Displays the T3Desk Start page from where you can access all other pages.
  • [About] Displays the T3Desk About page to learn who develop the program, find out more information about the software development team, included technology and software development partners.
  • [F.A.Q] Displays the T3Desk F.A.Q page to find out the answers to frequently asked questions about the product.
  • [Help] Displays the T3Desk Help page to learn about the program functionality, find out more about how to use T3Desk to manage your windows in a 3D environment, learn more about program features and configuration.
  • [Options] Displays the T3Desk Options page to set the options regarding display, zooming, hot keys and sounds. Here you can also configure your 3D window animation, transparency effect, the 3D initial angle and distance, transition effects and more.
  • [Tools] Displays the T3Desk Tools page to quickly access a variety of desktop commands, and also usefull and frequently used on-line resources.
  • [Applications] Displays the T3Desk Apps page to organize and quickly access your shortcuts to applications, websites, folders and files. You can create and organize your shortcuts to apps by drag-and-drop.
  • [Windows] Displays the T3Desk Windows page to monitor your (live) windows and quickly switch to different window. You can zoom and pan around while the content of the windows is updated in real time.
  • [Let 3D all] 3D minimize all (visible non-3D) windows.
  • [Restore all] Restore all 3D minimized windows.
  • [Exit] Exit the application.

Quick Navigation

The quick navigation is present up to version 2014.

The Quick Navigation commands lets you quikly access a variety of information sources in order to:

  • Find up-to-the-minute news and articles provided by important Internet sources.
  • Navigate to the most used Web sites on the Internet.

The Input Text Control
The text you enter in the multiline edit control can be used for commands and navigation features.

Input Text Commands
The input text toolbar contains the following commands:

  • [Navigate] Opens your default Web browser and navigate to the address from the input control.
  • [Clear] Erase the text from the input control.
  • [Copy] Copy the selected text from the input control into the clipboard.
  • [Paste] Paste the text from the clipboard into the input control.
  • [Email this] Opens your email client and create a new email. The text from the input control is used as email body.
  • [Twit this] Opens your page to twit the text from the input control.
  • [YMSG this] Opens the Yahoo Messenger and create a new message with the text from the input control.
  • [Skype this] Opens Skype and execute the command from the input control. Example [callto:john] or [+12125551212].

The text you enter in the multiline edit control can be used for navigation. You can use the hotkeys (press ALT + hotkey) to access the navigation sections (1-10) and the navigation commands.

Navigation Sections

  • [Web/Search] Use the most important search engines. You can search based on your input text.
  • [Social Network] Connect and share with the people in your life.
  • [Tools] Start the most used online tools and applications.
  • [Information] Find information on the web, based on your input text.
  • [Images] Share, upload, organize, explore images. Search for images using the input text.
  • [Video] Share, upload, organize, explore videos. Search for videos using the input text.
  • [Publishing] Publish on your blog. Search for articles based on input text.
  • [Products/Buy] Find the products you need. Search for products using the input text.
  • [Software] Visit important software Web sites.
  • [News/Portal] Visit important online news and information delivery Web sites.

Uninstalling the application

To uninstall the application you have to go through the following steps:
  • 1. Exit the application
  • 2. Open the Windows Control Panel
  • 3. Launch [Add or Remove Programs]
  • 4. Select T3Desk program in curently installed programs list
  • 5. Click Remove button
  • 6. Go through the uninstallation wizard steps
Note: DON'T FORGET TO EXIT THE APPLICATION BEFORE UNINSTALL. If you forget to do this, the uninstaller can not erase the application executable files and you have to erase them by hand. To erase the application files by hand, go to application folder [ex: C:\\Program Files\\T3Desk] and erase T3Desk files.