Here you can learn about T3Desk features.

Lightweight 3D Desktop

T3Desk lets you manage your applications more easily in a 3D desktop, by adding the third dimension to your Windows screen. 

  • T3Desk is lightweight on your resources, unlike most applications of its kind.
  • The 3D windows will appear in three dimensions and transparent on your screen.
  • The 3D windows have the ability to be flipped, zoomed, moved, swiveled in almost anyway you want.
  • T3Desk lets you set the options regarding display, zooming, hot keys and sounds.
  • You can configure your 3D window animation, transparency effect, the 3D initial angle and distance, the transition effects and more.

Video presentation for 3D Windows: Click here ...

Windows Manager

The Windows Manager module lets you monitor your (live) windows and quickly switch to different window. You can zoom and pan around while the content of the windows is updated in real time.


Video presentation for Windows Manager: Click here ...

Applications Manager

The Applications Manager module lets you organize and quickly access your shortcuts to applications, websites, folders and files. It use a fast database so you don't have to worry about used memory or speed performance.


Video presentation for Applications Manager: Click here ...

Application Bars

The TopBar and BotBar lets you quickly access important features. Now you can 3D minimize and switch the windows by mouse gesture.


Video presentation for Application Bars: Click here ...

Tools for desktop anD on-line quick navigation

The Quick Navigation commands lets you quickly access a variety of desktop and on-line tools. You can use the multi line edit control to quickly access features like:

  • Navigate, Email this, Twit this, YMSG this, Skype this
  • Web/Search, Social Networks, Tools, Information, Images, Video, 
  • Publishing,  Products/Buy, Software, News/Portal
  • Translate, Analytics, Office Live, Google Docs, Wikipedia and more ...

Better 3D desktop, more tools, modules and features under development. Stay tuned!