The authorize form will allow you to send a secure email to Tehnif Software, in order to receive the authorization code for your product. Our software products must be registered and authorized before you can enjoy their full functionality. Re-authorization is offered free of charge to licensed software holders with a valid approved reason three times. Re-authorization cannot be approved unless your software license is valid and current. It is only after software authorization, that you are the licensee of the licensed software. 

By completing the authorization form, you certify that the statements are true and that the authorization code you receiving is being used for the original installation of the software. You certify that if the reason for the authorization is due to an upgrade, that the copy of the application that resided on the original computer has been deleted and that no attempt will be made to reactivate it. You certify that the software application referenced above is used only in accordance with the licensing agreement under which has been purchased and that no illegal copies of the software application are presently in use.

Your email address is not logged by this system, but will be attached to the message that is forwarded from this page. Tehnif is serious about safeguarding your personal information online. For your protection, you should never submit your credit card number or confidential information through email or contact forms.