ABBYY USA is pleased to announce the following Holiday Deals!

For the month of December, ABBYY is offering huge savings on PDF Transformer+ and FineReader 12

Here are the promotional details: 

Promotion: 40% Off ABBYY FineReader 12 Professional 
Dates: December 9 - 31 
Promo Code: AFF-HOLFRPRO40 
Buy link for ABBYY FineReader 12 Professional: 

Promotion: 40% Off ABBYY FineReader for Mac 
Dates: December 9 - 23 
Promo Code: HOLFRMAC40 
Buy link for ABBYY FineReader for Mac : 

Promotion: 62% Off ABBYY PDF Transformer+ 
Dates: December 9 - 23 
Promo Code: HOLPDFT62 
Buy link for ABBYY PDF Transformer+ : 

Promotion: 40% Off ABBYY FineReader Professional 12 Upgrade 
Dates: December 9 - 31 
Promo Code: AFF-HOLFRPRO-U40 
Buy link for ABBYY FineReader Pro 12 Upgrade : 

Promotion: 40% Off ABBYY FineReader for Mac Upgrade 
Dates: December 9 - 23 
Promo Code: HOLFRMAC-U40 
Buy link for ABBYY FineReader for Mac Upgrade :

T3Desk 2014 Release

Tehnif Software -, today announced the release of T3Desk 2014 product. T3Desk is a professional-class application that keeps you organized, makes you more productive and improves the way you work with Windows and the Web. T3Desk implements a 3D Desktop Module, among other powerful, flexible and easy-to-use features and tools, that ensure your seamless desktop and online experience. The Apps Manager module lets you organize and quickly access your shortcuts to applications, websites, folders and files. You can create and organize your shortcuts to applications by drag-and-drop. The Windows Manager module lets you monitor your (live) windows and quickly switch to different window. You can zoom and pan around while the content of the windows is updated in real time.T3Desk application is available for download at