The New Journal for Software Community Members

The software community journal is now open for all the members who want to publish their articles related to their products, activity and software industry.

Why we setup this journal?
We setup this journal as a result of frequently requests from our partners and users, to publish information about their freeware products, commercial products, news, releases, promotions or giveaways, during the last months. We decide to setup this journal, so you can now publish your articles since this is the best way to keep our community informed about what's new and hot regarding software products and activity.

Who can publish and how?
Any member of can publish articles in this journal. 

  • Setup a (free) standard member account. 
  • Go to the journal page and push the "Post new entry" button. 
  • Add a title, pictures, text and click the "Save and close" button.
  • Your article will be saved as draft. 
  • A member of team will be notified about your article.
  • He will (ASAP) review, approve and publish your article to the journal. 
  • You can modify your article any time you want. 
  • Your can add to your article any information you want to share with the community.

Besides the advantages of having your article published in the journal (including the links to your website, products, cart or blog) there are many more advantages like the apparition of the article on the website front page and notification for all the members who subscribed to journal updates. More than that our team will promptly reward all the members for publishing articles on software community journal.