Get VPN Services for Free: Kepard Offers 3 Premium VPN Accounts at No Cost

Description Of The Service

Online users no longer have the luxury of connecting to the Internet and transferring their confidential data without the concern of being cyber-attacked. Gone are the days when online users could simply roam the Internet without worry of government, company and hacker intrusions.Kepard is a leader in providing the  best VPN service for every online user’s needs. They provide total freedom when surfing the Internet while being safeguarded against viruses, malware and hackers.
Kepard offers a strong and reliable service, and uses the latest technologies to ensure complete protection when connected online. They are now providing the opportunity for 3 lucky winners to have full access to this encrypted protection for three full months. These free premium VPN accounts will have no restrictions or a limit on their bandwidth.
The company has long been known for providing premium services to meet the requirements of every online user. The products support a huge variety of devices and operating systems. The data transfer speed through their VPN service is not compromised with high rate downstream transfers. Kepard provides server locations in five different countries around the globe. They allow every account holder to change servers at will.

Why This Service Is Necessary

Many online users never consider the need to stay protected when connected to the Internet, until something malicious happens. Anytime anyone is connected online they expose their confidential data to viruses, malware, hackers, and government intrusion. Many Internet service providers (ISPs) and government agencies continually monitor the activity of every online user. Many governments restrict or censor websites that can only be circumvented using VPN services, like Kepard’s UK service, US VPN service, German VPN service and others.
The company offers the most vigorous security for online connectivity in the world. They provide every account holder complete privacy without the need to worry that any intruder is monitoring or capturing confidential data being transferred while connected online. Kepard transfers all data from the connected user to its destination using high-level encryption technology to safeguard the information from capture or monitoring.

Winning Is Easy

Signing up to enter the giveaway is a simple process. It includes the following steps:
1. Simply leave a comment at the bottom of the page describing in detail exactly why you need to be one of the winners of the free VPN accounts.
2. Connect to your Twitter account and instruct your audience “Sign up to win one of the 3 free premium VPN accounts from @Kepard”
3. Connect to Kepard Facebook page and click on the Like button.
All of the winners will be announced on this site!
The free giveaway ends soon, on April 30, 2013.
Stay tuned, and good luck!

This contest is now over.