Summer giveaway - 100 free licenses of T3Desk Pro - contest from Digiarty (

Digiarty ( organized this giveaway contest for 100 free licenses of T3Desk Pro.

- Starting from July 7, 2012. Available only for few days.

- Go to and leave a comment if you wanna be a winner. The winners are selected by Digiarty team based on your comments.
Good luck!


Update July 10, 2012. This contest is now over. The 100 free licenses of T3Desk 2010 Pro, goes to 100 commenters. Click here to see the comments. You can still get a free license of T3Desk 2010 Pro + free update to 2012 Pro, by posting within our Software Community lounges.


Daniel Hoffman Works for Mac? Thanks.
July 6 at 10:22am · Like
Morten Unold Andersen Sounds awesome :-)
July 6 at 10:22am · Like
Robert Ocheltree I would like to win a copy. Thanks you.
July 6 at 10:24am · Like
Christopher Tang Good software
July 6 at 10:25am · Like
Joe Tomasone I'd love to win a copy!
July 6 at 10:26am · Like
Viraj Mehta I would like to win a copy
July 6 at 10:27am · Like
Imy Tabaquin Fruto Good! Me too :)
July 6 at 10:31am · Like
Frank K. Tillery Sign me up please?
July 6 at 10:32am · Like
Prince Freshg This is absolutely nice....good job!
July 6 at 10:33am · Like
Glen Cook be nice to win thanks:)
July 6 at 10:33am · Like
Darren Guncle Would love it!
July 6 at 10:33am · Like
Mark Zablow hook me up!
July 6 at 10:33am · Like
Frank K. Tillery Sign me up please.
July 6 at 10:34am · Like
Dai Phuoc Wow..Please, get me in this giveaway. Thanks so much.
July 6 at 10:34am · Like
Ryan McFarlane count me in! :D
July 6 at 10:36am · Like
Malkhaz Abuladze You rock, Winx, another amazing gift for us. Thank you very much. Really I want to have it
July 6 at 10:37am · Like
Kevin Johnson This may be the software I need to tidy up my desktop, please enter me in the giveaway. thanks
July 6 at 10:37am · Like
Allan Mike Norris Id love a copy of this software, looks to be a fun tool to add good functionality to the boring old windows desktop!
July 6 at 10:38am · Like
Marina Findeis count me in on this one ........please enter me.....
July 6 at 10:41am · Like
Aeric Wong Me too!
July 6 at 10:42am · Like
Tyson Hinkley I would like to try this out. It sounds pretty niffty.
July 6 at 10:43am · Like
Donotcrack Count me in !!!!!!!!!!!! Thankssssssssssssssssssssss
July 6 at 10:45am · Like
Pat N Paul Yes Please would love a copy Love these freebies
July 6 at 10:45am · Like
Ho Edward T3Desk is awesome and I can make my desktop 3D!!!
Thanks for this giveaway
July 6 at 10:46am · Like
Mike Sprague Yes, please
July 6 at 10:47am · Like
Kenji Kenken Would love to try it oout ~~
July 6 at 10:49am · Like
George Rupeck I would like to win a copy please!! Thank you
July 6 at 10:49am · Like
Joan Kwon I'd like one too~~~ :-)
July 6 at 10:50am · Like
Yong Chee Wai Sounds like fun. Wonder if there is something similar for Mac.
July 6 at 10:52am · Like
Terieron Terierski Count me in! Thanks
July 6 at 10:53am · Like
Alvil Tayco You guys are great. I wouldn't mind beta testing this.
July 6 at 10:54am · Like
Hildastrikjen I Vikja Great giveaways people! :)
July 6 at 10:54am · Like
Jay Spring Would be great to win a copy!!
July 6 at 10:58am · Like
Audun Osmundsen Great program yes please let me win! :-)
July 6 at 11:01am · Like
Javaid Khan count me in. good luck
July 6 at 11:02am · Like
July 6 at 11:05am · Like
Andy Weller oooh freebies, count me in.
July 6 at 11:10am · Like
Jeremy Peeples Can't go wrong with free software.
July 6 at 11:10am · Like
Weber Liu yup i would love one!
July 6 at 11:16am · Like
Sajid Virk Dont forget me this time
July 6 at 11:18am · Like
Steven Jordan That'd be awesome! Code me please
July 6 at 11:20am · Like
DalSan Mack Would be great to see if my netbook could handle it.
July 6 at 11:20am · Like
Ricky Chew Weng Kit would like to have a try
July 6 at 11:25am · Like
Duncan Fenn Sure.. I'll give this a whirl.. send me a key please :)
July 6 at 11:30am · Like
Bob Mueller Yes please. Thank you.
July 6 at 11:45am · Like
Firdaus Mukhtaruddin please count me in...
July 6 at 11:52am · Like
Dom Weir Yes please !
July 6 at 11:55am · Like
Yemi Falusi I am believing that this product will be very good and useful just like other Digiarty WinDVD products.
July 6 at 12:00pm · Like
Merlin Wizzard Looks great. Thank you
July 6 at 12:02pm · Like
San Aman can I have this one pls. and Thanks!
July 6 at 12:05pm · Like
Carlos Gonçalves This is a fantastic tool. It will be passing the desktop to another lever. This wil became the future
July 6 at 12:10pm · Like
Lisa White I would like a copy please. (Thanks for the offer.)
July 6 at 12:10pm · Like
Ali Aldjiauro I would like to participate in the giveaway, thank you for the gift.
July 6 at 12:16pm · Like
Emmanuel Ebesunun Kindly consider me for a key please
July 6 at 12:19pm · Like
Arben Myrtaj Keep up the great work you are doing and thanks for the giveaway
July 6 at 12:20pm · Like
Mehul Thakkar I'd like to win a. Copy too
July 6 at 12:34pm · Like
ஜய கணேஷ் i like 3d desktop software because it has more fun and nice look too.XD
July 6 at 12:34pm · Like
Vinh Thế HUỳnh Wow! An useful software. I like it.
July 6 at 12:43pm · Like
Travis Terrence Daley Very nice of you. I'd would like for everyone to win, myself also. That would be amazing as its great software. Thanks
July 6 at 12:53pm · Like
Brandi Willis Deese I'd like a copy please.
July 6 at 1:00pm · Like
Brad Perkins Looks slick. I'd like a copy! Thx!
July 6 at 1:10pm · Like
Hoang Quoc Vuong thanks for giveaway. please count me in
July 6 at 1:20pm · Like
John Dinkleman Looks like a useful software
July 6 at 1:21pm · Like
James McNee Looks awesome :)
July 6 at 1:22pm · Like
Heon Jun Park ‎0.0 I would love it 
And hopefully I will have a computer in time to install this
July 6 at 1:28pm · Like
Josh Alexander I wouldn't mind having this
July 6 at 1:40pm · Like
Rob Jones Looks cool never herd of it before
July 6 at 1:41pm · Like
Sam Pinizzotto This sounds cool, would love a copy!
July 6 at 1:50pm · Like
Kelly O'Brien I'd like to try!
July 6 at 1:50pm · Like
Kiong Ping Lau wow! My desktop will be outstanding ! It's look cool.
July 6 at 1:50pm · Like
Joseph Faulk I have used an old version of this for a while. Would love to give the newest version a run through too!
July 6 at 1:51pm · Like
Harry Allen Very Cool Software.
July 6 at 1:53pm · Like
Ade Naufal Ammar I WANT!
July 6 at 1:56pm · Like
Jack Varrella Wonderful giveaway for wonderful software. Thanks for the opportunity.
July 6 at 2:04pm · Like
Kim Vo pweeease :3
July 6 at 2:07pm · Like
Steve Budz Yes please !!!
July 6 at 2:18pm · Like
David E Stoltzenburg Maybe then my pc will be cooler than my ex's mac
July 6 at 2:23pm · Like
Kevin Patai Very cool giveaway!
July 6 at 2:24pm · Like
John Suiters Great givaway!
July 6 at 2:29pm · Like
Michael Driggs I would love to try this out! Thanks for doing the giveaway!
July 6 at 2:32pm · Like
Giancarlo Paroli The best 3D program
July 6 at 2:33pm · Like
David Taylor OOOHHH Free... AND shiny!!!! :-) Lol... I would love to win a copy!
July 6 at 2:33pm · Like · 1
Tim Proctor Love This!! I'm in.
July 6 at 2:36pm · Like
Andrew Bui yes please. :D
July 6 at 2:38pm · Like
Billy Forrest Me please
July 6 at 2:41pm · Like
Narayan Pokhrel Oh.. good software. I want to use this.
July 6 at 2:42pm · Like
Jason Knowlton Me please. Would like to try this out
July 6 at 2:48pm · Like
Marcus Kane Would love to try this newsoftware
July 6 at 3:06pm · Like
Fred Schmidt Would love to try this
July 6 at 3:07pm · Like
Rick Kaneshiro I would like a copy please.
July 6 at 3:08pm · Like
Reggie Matthes This would be a perfect addition to my collection. I'm in!
July 6 at 3:18pm · Like
Richard Gilberg Wow what a giveaway, here's my entry
July 6 at 3:20pm · Like
Paulo Jorge Lopes só vendo e que acredito que oferecem uma licença
See Translation
July 6 at 3:21pm · Like
James Austen I would like to try this
July 6 at 3:25pm · Like
Peter Leung Love to try this!
July 6 at 3:29pm · Like
Adam Parker I would like to try it.
July 6 at 3:30pm · Like
Tim Ellis I want to be a winner!
July 6 at 3:36pm · Like
Sean Pasley very nice deal
July 6 at 3:38pm · Like
Robert Gagnon Sign me up for a free copy, thanks!
July 6 at 3:52pm · Like
July 6 at 3:59pm · Like
Melinda Stephens Sounds interesting
July 6 at 4:00pm · Like
Anthony Boyes another great title I would love to have for free!
July 6 at 4:00pm · Like
Dan Jensen Always looking for better ways to get things done.
July 6 at 4:06pm · Like
Chris Howard I could get used to this...
July 6 at 4:10pm · Like
Marci Carson Would love to win a copy!
July 6 at 4:11pm · Like
Theresa Henderson It be very nice to get this T3 Desk. Heres hoping!
July 6 at 4:12pm · Like
Liz Grant Would love to try out a copy of T3 and show my students in August how to use it.
July 6 at 4:21pm · Like
Sidd Srk I want this Soft.Hope i win.
July 6 at 4:29pm · Like
Brian Hummel I'd love a free copy!
July 6 at 4:31pm · Like
Steve Amdhome love a free copy hard to work on a 13" screen
July 6 at 4:51pm · Like
Kevin Eddy I would like a copy. Thanks
July 6 at 4:54pm · Like
Phil Rubin mac version?
July 6 at 5:02pm · Like
Mark Nichols Sounds terrific!
July 6 at 5:06pm · Like
Kaleb Janson I do a lot of graphic design on the run, having something where I could switch windows around and keep separate programs up on separate screens would be amazing, it would mean no more clutter or dis-orginazation. I would love a copy of T3Desk!
July 6 at 5:36pm · Like
Hayden Bowden I would like one thanks
July 6 at 5:37pm · Like
Jamie Wilson IDE like a copy please
July 6 at 5:46pm · Like
Arthur Sieders Me too
July 6 at 6:14pm · Like
Alex Flores This would be awesome to have! I'm guessing it's like the Ubuntu desktop?
July 6 at 6:20pm · Like
Russ Boyle Would love a copy..Looks great!
July 6 at 6:23pm · Like
Kerry Goodson Nothing Can Beat this Sofware...Top of the Line !!!
July 6 at 6:49pm · Like
Forelberth Pinto excelent software. Thanks for this opportunity
July 6 at 6:56pm · Like
Lovemore M. Gwazhe Please count me in for a copy
July 6 at 7:19pm · Like
Beverly C. Korman Ow! "FREE 3D Desktop and Productivity Tools. T3Desk is created to simply manage your desktop life." I love this one. Thank so much
July 6 at 7:37pm · Like
Vince Marsters Never say no to free software - ans this looks interesting too!!!
July 6 at 7:39pm · Like
Sar-Shalom Prince best software among the crowd
July 6 at 7:46pm · Like
GrrGrr Grr I like it, 3D, cool. Appreciate a license.
July 6 at 7:52pm · Like
Grzegorz Brzęczyszczotka Please count me in
July 6 at 8:05pm · Like
Robin Ervin This sounds cool!
July 6 at 8:38pm · Like
Stuart Tucker Count me in please
July 6 at 9:05pm · Like
Lorena Lum Great products
July 6 at 9:49pm · Like
Diego Loya Interesting to see it live in action.
July 6 at 9:56pm · Like
Ron Jacaban Yes please!
July 6 at 10:07pm · Like
Daniel Fyfe Please
July 6 at 10:47pm · Like
Franklin Hall I would like to have this. Thanks
July 7 at 12:58am · Like
Karan Sarai i want it please
July 7 at 12:58am · Like
Pat Herring Great Deal
July 7 at 1:42am · Like
Vicky Dewan i want it
July 7 at 1:42am · Like
Carl Dolc Un excelente programa ya anteriormente habia tenido el gusto de probarlo y la verdad, no me arrepenti, ojala tenga la oportunidad de ganar esta promocion!!! :) :) :)
See Translation
July 7 at 2:58am · Like
Doug Simpson I'd love a copy. Thanks!!
July 7 at 3:11am · Like
Vance Gray Fantastic, count me in.
July 7 at 5:13am · Like
Dustin Hancey Awesome blossom
July 7 at 6:02am · Like
Faked Identification Sounds like a terrific giveaway, really would like to try this
July 7 at 6:21am · Like
Rimaz Nazeer Would really want one.
July 7 at 7:25am · Like
Gustavo Vargas Please
July 7 at 9:03am · Like
Grzegorz Brzęczyszczotka ‎Digiarty ( who is winner ?
July 7 at 9:42pm · Like
Jeff Gillooly love all your products keep them coing.
July 7 at 10:59pm · Like
Lucian Gunter IV Would love to be a winner! :D
July 8 at 12:11am · Like
Ali Karadadas thanks
July 8 at 12:36am · Like
Pedel Pop Thanks for the giveaway. Great piece of software which may come in handy for a person who sits in front of computer all day like me. The switching transition looks very cool and T3Deskwould help me a lot in my everyday tasks and in a lot of apps. I really need this software so please count me in.
July 8 at 12:56am · Like
Adam Soy Thanks For Campaign.
July 8 at 2:33am · Like
Tuan Nguyen can anyone give me the License code?
July 8 at 4:24am · Like
Briareous Hex Count me in.Thank u.
July 8 at 5:59am · Like
Arvind Wadhera Would appreciate the program installed on pc.
July 8 at 5:14pm · Like
Donnie Carson this should be interesting to check out
July 8 at 9:10pm · Like
Alper Belan Karamfilov great sofware, try it you'll like it!!!
July 8 at 11:50pm · Like
Jc La es un programa genial...muchas gracias por compartirlo
See Translation
Monday at 12:14am · Like
Jc La el conocimiento es un arte de inteligencia y gratitud gracias por compartir tus programas....nuestro futuro no seria nada sin personas y/o empresas como ustedes
See Translation
Monday at 12:22am · Like
Robert Cornish Any left?
Monday at 4:44am · Like
Tiny Tim Should come in very handy.
Monday at 6:58am · Like
Stephen F. White Anything that makes working with my PC easier and quicker is worth a try!
Monday at 9:38am · Like
Nerah Bee I would love a copy would look swell
Monday at 2:16pm · Like
Permanand Mohan Would like a copy as well
Monday at 11:10pm · Edited · Like
Kaushik Medhi Great Giveaway contest ! Plz I Would like a copy !
Yesterday at 2:45am · Like