We are waiting for you to be the next rewarded member!

We updated our website on 25 of April 2012. During website update, server and DNS settings, some of the website sections had functionality problems (all fixed now). At that time, Jean-Francois Leca (Jef), signed-up for a free standard account. He started posting some questions (in English and French) about T3Desk, in the Open Discussion section of our Software Community.

We quickly answered to his questions, then we had a long conversation on email about website problems, T3Desk bugs and limitations and Jef's wishes for the next version. We paid attention to all he had to say.

We understood that Jef is passionate about our product and is trying to help us. That's why, we rewarded Jef with a FREE license of T3Desk 2010 Pro (including the free update to the upcoming T3Desk 2012 Pro, and also the PREMIUM account for our website).

Also, Jef sent us a screen capture of his desktop, to show us how he is using T3Desk together with other desktop enhancement tools. Thank you Jef!

As we said, we believe that people who are creating value for others should receive recognition for their participation, contribution and support of the community. We have tens of users who signed-up for a standard account and we want to say THANK YOU to all of them! We are waiting for you guys to post within the software community lounges. We are here to listen, answer and help. And, as you already know, we are committed to reward your activity!

Tehnif Team