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T3Desk Purchase

We are pleased to welcome you as a T3Desk Pro user and look forward to working with you.


The following table shows T3Desk license types and fees.

  • T3Desk 2014 Standard: $0.00
    T3Desk Standard it's a free product and will always remain free. Download here ...
  • T3Desk 2014 Pro : $29.95
    T3Desk 2014 Pro license includes the free update to any 2014 minor version or service pack. Also, T3Desk 2014 Pro license includes the free upgrade to the next Pro version (2015).
The prices are in U.S. dollars, applicable for any user type or organization type. The prices are applicable per computer. Volume discount available upon request.

Before Purchasing

NOTE that T3Desk Standard and Pro versions comes in the same software installation. When you install T3Desk it will run as a Standard - free version. After registration and authorization process, T3Desk will run as a Pro version.

Download and install the latest release of T3Desk and work with it before purchasing. To download T3Desk, you may have to create your free website STANDARD account, or contact us by email at, and we'll send you the software.


Use the following E-commerce source to purchase T3Desk Pro license, on-line.


In order to authorize T3Desk Pro you have to provide the T3Desk Serial Number (you can find the serial number inside your installed T3Desk in Options/General page) and a valid Email address to receive your authorization code. You can use AUTHORIZATION page to get your authorization code.

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